Inclement Weather Make-up Dates
Inclement Weather Make-up Dates
Nathan Brost
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Here is a summary of the inclement weather make-up process approved by the School Board during the February 18th Regular Board Meeting. 

  • February 22 - remains "no school" for students.
  • March 1 - this 1/2 day turns into a full day.
  • March 29 - this "no school" day turns into a regular full-day school day
  • April 17 - this 1/2 day turns into a full day
  • All three schools - Athens Elementary, Athens Middle, and Athens High - will begin 10 minutes sooner in the morning beginning Monday, February 25.  For elementary that will be 7:50 am.  For middle/high, that will be 7:47 am.  

This approved model has the capacity for one future "built in" inclement weather day.  Beyond that, there are no additional days planned.