Middle / High School Principal's Corner

Mrs. Juli Gauerke-Peter

Mrs. Juli Gauerke-Peter

Middle/High School Principal
(715) 257-7511

As an Athens alumni, I am honored to serve as Middle/High School principal in my hometown. Athens Middle/High School is thrilled to offer great opportunities, through music, art, sports, and co-curriculum programs, to help our students grow and learn in ways that build skills that will extend beyond their school experience.

Summer is here! Time to enjoy family, friends, and fun in the sun! I hope all of you are enjoying the time away from school! As you do, remember there are many activities that keep kids minds active and satisfy their innate curiosity to learn new things. Reading of any kind can help with building vocabulary at all ages. Solving simple math problems, such as figuring out how much food to prepare for a family gathering, calculating miles to the next rest area, or figuring out how much sleep is needed, are great ways to keep your kids fresh with their school skills.

No matter what the activity may be, know that all types of adventures greatly enhance a child's ability to learn from the world around them. And, talking to your kids is the best way to help them process all that they have experienced. Here's to making the most out of your summer! We look forward to seeing you all in the fall.

As we look to the fall, please visit our Parent Resources menu to find access to our student enrollment as well as other important information. .