High School ACP

At Athens High School,  students in grades 9-12,are provided adult driven lesson experiences to empower all students to travel the road to adulthood through education and training to careers. Through self-exploration, career exploration, and career planning & management activities, students will learn:

KNOWING their interests and strengths - Grade 9 Lessons

EXPLORING interests - What do I want to do?- Grade 10 Lessons

PLAN - How Do I Get There? - Grade 11 Lessons

TAKE ACTION - Where am I Going - Grade 12 Lessons

Monthly ACP homerooms will take place to give students the opportunity to engage in this exploratory and planning process. Each ACP homeroom activity is listed in detail on this site, as well as a brief overview of activities throughout the entire school year. Students will be using an online program called Xello, to assist in this process.  Students can use Xello for research and to create a portfolio of activities and accomplishments for future use.