Operational Referendum Resources

School Tax Impact of an Approved Referendum

The greatest school tax impact occurs in the first year, shown below. After that, the school tax mill rate is projected to decrease and stabilize for taxpayers. 

With an approved referendum, the first year of school tax increase is estimated at $601 per $100,000 of property value because the District is requesting more funds in the first year of the referendum.  From the 2024-25 through 2026-27 school years, the amount requested is less, and consequently, the school tax mill rate is projected to decrease as well.

Historical School Tax Mill Rate

With an approved referendum, the projected school tax mill rate for the 2023 - 24 school year would be $11.13 per $1,000 of property value. In the remaining three years of the operational referendum, the mill rate is projected to decrease, as shown in the chart below.

Mill Rate

Disclaimer: Mill rate based on the 2022 Equalized Valuation (TID-OUT) of $334,300,461 with annual growth of 0.00% thereafter. Other assumptions include flat enrollment and no increases to the state biennial budget; any changes in these assumptions will result in changes to the mill rate. *Estimated impacts if referendum is successful. Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated provided these estimates.

Did You Know?

The School District of Athens has the: 

  • lowest mill rate in Marathon County,

  • fifth lowest in CESA 9, and

  • 20th lowest in the entire state of Wisconsin.

Area Mill Rates

Make an Informed Decision. Attend a Community Information Meeting

District residents are invited to learn more about the referendum at one of the meetings below: 

  • March 1  |  6 PM  |  Athens Middle/High School

  • March 8  |  6 PM  |  Town of Johnson

  • March 13  |  6 PM  |  Maple Grove Charter School

  • March 16  |  6 PM  |  Athens Elementary

  • March 29  |  6 PM  |  Town of Hamburg

Drop In and Chat!

Talk with the School District of Athens’ Superintendent on the following dates: 

  • February 24 |  7-9 AM  |  Athens Country Cafe

  • March 21  |  7-9 AM  |  Athens Country Cafe

  • April 3  |  11 AM-1 PM  |  On the Square

  • April 4  |  7-9 AM  |  Athens Country Cafe