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Operational Referendum 2023

The outcome of this operational referendum represents a critical decision about the future of the School District of Athens. Please cast an informed vote.


The District’s operational referendum request in November 2022 was not successful. Therefore, significant reductions are being made to positions, programs and services. There remains a serious, projected shortfalls into the foreseeable future.

We Heard You.

We heard community feedback that we should seek a non-recurring referendum, rather than recurring (as was requested last November). Therefore, the Board of Education voted unanimously to place a non-recurring operational referendum question on the April 4, 2023 ballot.

What is the District Seeking in the Operational Referendum Question?

The School District of Athens is at a crossroads and is seeking voter approval of a four-year, non-recurring operational referendum question for $1.67 million in 2023-24 and $1.2 million per year for the 2024-2025 through the 2026-2027 school years.

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What are the potential implications of this operational referendum?

Approved Referendum: If the operational referendum question is approved, the District will be able to meet its financial obligations to:

  • Retain Quality Staff

  • Sustain Educational Opportunities

  • Provide Essential Technology

  • Rebuild Financial Stability

Referendum Not Approved: If the operational referendum question is NOT APPROVED, the Board of Education will need to consider consolidation or closing because the Board remains responsible to manage the long-term financial VIABILITY of the district.

Quick Facts:

What: 4-year, non-recurring operational referendum

Why: If approved, it will restore financial viability for School District of Athens. 

If not approved, the BOE will consider closing or consolidating.

When: Resident voters decide on the April 4, 2023 ballot

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Not Approved

How to Vote

All eligible school district voters may cast their ballot on election day at their normal polling location. 

  • Bring Your ID to the Polls - Voters are required to provide photo identification at polling locations prior to voting. 

  • Absentee Voting - In Wisconsin, you don’t have to wait until election day to cast your ballot — you can vote early for any reason as long as you meet the required dates.

Please Vote Tuesday, April 4. Learn more at