First grade students and staff worked together to discuss equality and freedom, finishing with an egg experiment on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day .
5 months ago, Cherish Byrd
Our 3rd grade students have been showing off their multiplication skills with arrays, repeated addition, and the distributive property. These mathematicians are now ready to take on division! 🤩
5 months ago, Tianna Borchardt
Please see attachment regarding the changes to the Walter and Mabel Fromm Scholarship.
5 months ago, Nathan Brost
Studio photography can be useful for multiple career paths. Advanced photography students are figuring out the logistics of taking high quality photographs using studio lighting techniques.
5 months ago, Melissa Adamski
Advanced Photography students learning about studio lighting
Advanced Photography students learning about studio lighting
The School District of Athens campus administrators are amazing! Thank you Robin, Joy, and Juli for all that you do to support students, families, and staff.
5 months ago, School District of Athens
4th graders have been busy this week learning about the pink dolphins of the Amazon river. Then they created a dolphin Venn diagram to compare and contrast pink dolphins with the common salt water dolphin. They did a fantastic job working together with a partner to complete their finished product! 🐬
5 months ago, Beth Steinke
4th Grade
4th Grade
4th Grade
On January 25th three FFA members traveled to Mosinee to compete in the District Leadership Development Events (LDEs) or speaking contests. Cassandra and Chloe participated in the Discussion Meet and Carley participated in Extemporaneous Speaking. Congrats to Cassandra who received first place in Discussion and is headed to the Sectional competition in March!! Good job ladies!
5 months ago, Jessica Stuttgen
All three participants
Receiving her award
Biology students have been learning about extinction, biodiversity in our biosphere, and how we have impacted both. They completed a solution to the pollution lab where students had to develop a plan to remove the oil from the water while also saving the aquatic organisms in their tub.
5 months ago, Jessica Stuttgen
Students working on lab
Student working on the lab
Students working on the lab
Great Depression Food Who would have thought that juniors would eat up all the kielbasa, cabbage, and potatoes dish made by Jonathan Zoromski for his first semester-end project?  The juniors for this unit not only made this but some made puppy chow, macaroni, and cheese, a sweet drink that is similar to orange Julius as well as pieces of bread, cookies, and muffins-the food disappeared as fast as it was handed out.  Students had their choice of how to demonstrate knowledge from the first semester and quite a few choose to make food because many of the recipes are some that they grew up with, not realizing that they connected to a time period where people were being frugal as they could be.
5 months ago, Rhonda Stange
Poorman's Meal
Students in Mrs. Wilker's English 9 classes are currently reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
5 months ago, Brenda Wilker
Romeo & Juliet
8th grade students finished their C02 cars and here are the racing and best of show winners.
5 months ago, Shawn Steinke
Best of show
This Thursday’s game against Marathon is a White Out! The game starts at 7:15 and the first 100 Athens students (PK-12) to the game AND wearing white will receive a ticket for a free popcorn at the concession stand. Let’s pack the nest and cheer loud! Go Bluejays! 🏀
5 months ago, John Keefe
Boys Basketball
This student finished his Adirondack chair then took some time to enjoy the fruits of his labor.
5 months ago, Shawn Steinke
chair 2
This weekend Cassandra attended the Half-Time Leadership Conference in Stevens Point. Half-Time Conference provides FFA chapter leaders from around the state the opportunity to set goals and prepare for the second half of their year of service.
5 months ago, Jessica Stuttgen
Student attending leadership conference.
As 6th graders wrapped up their rotation of FCS, they enjoyed Fruit Pizza and French Toast!! Tasty!!
5 months ago, Mrs. N.
A true artist putting the final touches on his masterpiece
Hard at work!!
Sure looks tasty!!
A student getting ready to flip the French Toast!!
Wellness Wednesday: Be sure to schedule time for yourself! Taking time for yourself can help you recharge and relax. It also allows you to think more clearly and make better decisions. - Use your vacation days - Unplug on the weekend - Spend quality time with loved ones sources:,
6 months ago, Beth Steinke
Me Time - It's Important
Calling all Athens Band Alumni! On Monday, January 17th @6:30pm the Athens Pep-Band will be playing at the Boy's Basketball Game, and YOU are invited! Need an instrument or music? Not a problem: just let me know at Hope to see you there! Mr. Puffer
6 months ago, Sam Puffer
Veggie Pizzas were a hit this week in Family Foods.
6 months ago, Mrs. N.
Yummy Veggie Pizza!
Bet you can't tell who the picky eater is :)
These sure look colorful and tasty!!
4th graders in Ms. Kalepp’s and Ms. Kolehouse’s class decided this year to get presents to some animals in need. They brought in different items that the Marathon County Humane Society needed. They did a wonderful job sharing their kindness and generosity this holiday season! We hope all of you find time to spend with your families (even pets)! Happy Howlidays! 🐾 🎄
6 months ago, Kira Kalepp
Lewis & Clark Mapping Activity On a snowy, cold, and windy day the sophomores in Ms. Stange’s United States History I classes, hours 3rd and 8th went outside for a mapping activity. The students were to draw the borders of the school, the buildings, roads, count the trees, and record any wildlife sightings. They were given their instructions the prior week and chose to split into girls’ and boys’ groups. Just like Lewis & Clark, they were told to prepare for the weather outside and the unknown that could come with Wisconsin winter, and the pictures will show the conditions that they both went outside to do the activity. The students had fun even though it was cold and snowy because they worked as teams to “attack” the problem presented to them. It was a fun activity with laughter, marking off measurements as well as a great way to show how Lewis & Clark with the Corps of Discovery carried out President Jefferson’s directive of mapping the Louisiana Purchase Territory.
6 months ago, Rhonda Stange
3rd Hour Girls  Marking Off Measurements
8th hour boys marking off their measurements.
Finished maps from 3rd hour and 8th hour.