The School District of Athens is seeking employment of a full time second grade teacher at Maple Grove Charter School. Maple Grove Charter School is a rural elementary school educating learners in grades K-5. It is located approximately 15 minutes from Merrill, Wausau, or Athens in the beautiful rolling hills of Hamburg, WI. It sits on 25 acres of wooded land that are utilized for teaching and learning. The charter school has a focus on agriscience and environmental education. If you have an interest in applying for this position, please complete the application which can be located on the WECAN website:
about 14 hours ago, Mrs. Hanson
If you haven't registered your students for the 23-24 school year, please do by June 1st!
about 16 hours ago, Nathan Brost
It was a beautiful day as fifth grade learners from MGCS continued their studies of water ecology at Camp Birch Trails. Mr. Noland and friends taught learners the finer points of paddling and safety on the water before heading out to explore the lake. Everyone stayed nice and dry except for Ms. Szutkowski, who tipped her kayak when reaching too far for a turtle. 🐢
6 days ago, Emily Szutkowski
Students practice their paddling on dry land.
Students learn the parts of a canoe before departing on their journey.
Students and chaperones take a look at the collection of turtles caught out on the lake.
Everyone lines up their turtles on the beach for turtle races.
Canoes await students and chaperones on the shore of Camp Birch Trails.
One last call for Maple Syrup made by our learners and staff. 😋 MGCS thanks you for your support with our Maple Syrup fundraiser!
8 days ago, Kaylin Byer
Third graders at Maple Grove Charter School have been learning about the three different dilemmas of water: access, demand and pollution. They were able to connect this learning to a field trip to Wausau's Wastewater Treatment Center and to the Mead Wildlife Refuge Area. This experience showed them how humans can clean wastewater through complex systems versus how plants within a wetland area can filter in more natural ways.
9 days ago, Jessica Barrick
Staring out over one of the filter ponds
Taking our tour with Brad, Ryan and Ben.
Overlooking the wetland habitat after birdwatching.
Nature hike through a forested wetland
On Friday we celebrated our FIRED 🔥 UP TO READ Assembly! All semester the Hamburg and Corning Volunteer fire department and EMS donate their time to come and read with our Maple Grove Charter School learners on Wednesdays all semester! Throughout the entire year all learners set their own monthly reading goal and work at home to achieve that goal. The fire department then awarded all the learners who met at least 7/8 months goals with a bike giveaway, a fire truck ride 🚒 around Hamburg to 6 lucky winners, and a pizza party 🍕 It was such an exciting day! A HUGE THANK YOU to the Hamburg and Corning Fire Department and EMS for your dedication to the community and MGCS!
9 days ago, Mrs. Hanson
Third graders at Maple Grove Charter School used their CRISP trait's classroom economy money to purchase a camping themed day. Students used headlamps to complete their cursive writing. They also used their camp chairs and hammocks outside to do their independent reading and vocabulary logs. For lab experiences, they found outdoor spaces to research aquatic birds in their WI Bird Field Guides. To top it off, they had smores' for dessert while viewing a mock and virtual campfire.
14 days ago, Jessica Barrick
Finishing cursive writing practice with a headlamp.
Independent reading and vocabulary logs outside in nature.
Teaching and relaxing at the same time.
Independent reading in nature.
Researching aquatic birds for an upcoming to the Mead Wildlife Refuge area.
Maple Grove Charter School needs your help! Please consider volunteering your ideas and time to our learners and school.
14 days ago, Kaylin Byer
Governance Board
Check out Maple Grove's 5th Grade Graduation on our YouTube Channel.
15 days ago, Nathan Brost
Check out Maple Grove's Kindergarten Graduation on our YouTube Channel.
15 days ago, Nathan Brost
On Friday, May 12th, the 1st grade class continued a tradition that began in 1970. The 53rd annual 1st grade Mother’s Day pancake breakfast was a day to once again reflect upon with gratitude, happiness, and honor. The morning was filled with poems presented by the first graders, music performed with the wonderful instruction of Mrs. Matz, art work displayed to completely transform the room, and last but not least an overall focus on acknowledging the mothers and family members that do so much everyday for our learners emotional and academic growth. I can not say thank you enough to everyone who worked together to make the day special! As the first grade teacher, I look forward to carrying on this tradition for many years to come. Thank you Bryan Bloch, Lynette, and Tari Williams for cooking and the Maple Grove staff for always offering to help☺️ all 96 learners grades k-5 had a part in making a placemat to set the table! With the excitement of Friday being as a closing to the maple syrup season, learners were proud to share their reflection books on the process of making maple syrup. From the very first step of marking the maple trees back in the fall when the leaves were changing, to the adding of labels once it was cooked and bottled. We have done it all 🍁🍎🙂😊 Watching the students come together to do all the steps makes the “liquid gold” that much more enjoyable served over fluffy pancakes at the Mother”s Day breakfast! Until next year! Ms. Etten and the 1st grade🍎
15 days ago, Ms. Etten
Summer opportunity: College for Kids at UW-Steven's Point at Wausau! June 19-23 for grades K-6. More information at the link below
16 days ago, Karissa Doyle
Please complete the online registration process for the 23-24 School Year by June 1, 2023. More information can be found at our website:
16 days ago, Nathan Brost
This week, MGCS second grade learners visited Merrill School forest for a field trip centered around erosion. In the morning, learners experimented with different soils and surfaces to see which best prevented erosion. They were then tasked with building an environment that would withstand high-force winds (Mr. Noland's leaf blower) and a 100-year flood (Mr. Noland's 5-gallon bucket). It was an adventurous day!
19 days ago, Emily Szutkowski
Second grade students gather in front of Merrill School Forest building.
Students and chaperones gather around as one student explains what her group did on their stream table.
Two second graders add some animals to their stream tables.
Students and helpers make preliminary plans for their stream table.
Second grade students observe an erosion experiment.
What a difference 1 week can make! Once our tulips popped up in front of MGCS, kindergarten students began monitoring the rapid growth. Their presence only adds to the school's beauty! ⚘️
20 days ago, Sabrina Riehle
At MGCS, fifth grade learners collaborated to build stream tables. They then took the stream tables outside, created a bucket siphon, and observed what would happen to land in different conditions.
20 days ago, Emily Szutkowski
Fifth grade boys work to build steam table.
Fifth grade learners observe erosion on the stream table.
Fifth grade learners build stream tables.
Maple Grove Charter School has three open positions on the Governance Board available! This is a great opportunity to get involved in our school! Members promote and advance Maple Grove's mission, oversee the goals of the charter contract and work with school leadership to support staff and students. If you're interested or want to learn more, email your resume and letter of intent to Jasmin Skerven at Application materials are due by Thursday, June 1.
22 days ago, Kaylin Byer
Here is the updated link to MGCS 🍁 🦊 chick 🐣 live cam... Watch as they grow!
24 days ago, Mrs. Hanson
It has been such an exciting day at Maple Grove! The chicks in the first grade classroom have been proving to be healthy and strong willed! We had 14 chicks that successfully hatched! Students are taking great pride in watching the live stream and monitoring the activity level of the different colored chicks 🐥. Check out the link to continue in watching the chicks of Maple Grove Charter School!
26 days ago, Ms. Etten
We are getting so excited at MGCS and are getting closer! 5 eggs have started cracking...Hopefully by morning we'll have some baby chicks 🐣 Watch the process through our live cam: or the School District of Athens YouTube page.
28 days ago, Mrs. Hanson