This week Maple Grove Charter School had a spelling bee!! Students qualified to make the final round which was presented to the school and parents! Congrats to the top 3 spellers: Marty Servi, Justin Servi, and Hosea Thunder! Our 1st place winner was 5th grader Marty Servi! Congratulations to all our contestants! 🐝
1 day ago, Kaylin Byer
Top 3 spelling bee!
Last week students and staff from Maple Grove were able to perform their diverse talents for our school wide talent show! Talents included: slime making, singing, dancing, sports skills, jokes, and many other fun ideas! It takes bravery and perseverance to perform on a large stage with an even larger audience! 🦊
3 days ago, Kaylin Byer
Talent Show
Ms. Etten's first grade classroom has hit capacity with the recent addition of over a dozen chicks. Thanks to HayMeadow Farms, it was a very successful hatching at Maple Grove that resulted in all but 2 egg. While the chirping can be distracting at times, the experience and opportunity to apply the school CRISP traits is only possible with experiences like this! Incubation✅ Candling✅ Lock Down ✅ Provide food and water, heat, a safe home environment within the classroom, and an overabundance of attention and holding ✅✅✅ So far the learners are loving this responsibility and ability to show compassion for animals 🐣💕 It is hard to believe within a week these chicks will be going to their forever homes❤️ stay tuned for further cuteness!!🐥🐣🐥
5 days ago, Ms. Etten
Ms. Szutkowski's fifth-graders explored the wonders of water ecology on Olivotti Lake at Camp Birch Trails. 🌊🚣‍♂️ From learning about aquatic ecosystems to mastering canoeing and kayaking, it was an unforgettable journey of discovery and adventure. And who knew turtle racing could be so thrilling? 🐢💨
6 days ago, Emily Szutkowski
The group of students and chaperones stands in front of canoes at Camp Birch Trails.
Two fifth grade boys carry canoes to the waterfront.
Ms. Szutkowski and student show off the turtles they caught.
Students listen to canoeing lesson.
Turtles await turtle races in a canoe.
Turtles race down the beach to the water.
On Thursday, May 9th, the 1st graders at Maple Grove Charter School continued a 54 year old tradition by hosting the Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast. This years breakfast was once again a time in which it was over too soon. The amount of happiness, memories, and gratitude for such an amazing school and family tradition is not found many places. The 1st graders presented many spring and mother poems, performed multiple songs, and displayed gratitude and love for the mother figures in their lives. Leading up to Thursday they had worked together to create art displays, writing of a cookbook, and personal decorations. I truly feel honored to be able to work with my class each year in making family and school traditions like this one possible. A class cookbook was the start of a new tradition they enjoyed creating and gifting with a hand painted kitchen utensil. Each 1st grade learner brought a favorite home recipe to contribute to the book and illustrated the page from their kitchen! While the morning was incredible for all, none of this would have been possible without the breakfast being cooked by Bryan Bloch, Lynette Bloch, and Tari Williams. In addition, the musical performance would have been nothing without Theresa Matz practicing up to it and playing the guitar the morning of! Thank you Justin Bloch for helping me be able to transform the Maple Grove gym into an event space that first graders were able to decorate and feel special in hosting their important guests. From the first step of marking the maple trees back in the fall, tapping the trees and collecting sap in the spring, to having all 100+ learners making a place doily, it truly is a morning that encompasses much more than just the time spent during the breakfast. The place settings were decorated by students k-5 and the second graders were helpful in continuing the tradition of serving tables and cleaning place setting. Each year comes and goes, each year I find myself thinking even more how blessed I am. How blessed I am for being a figure in these learners lives, daily occurrences of being called “mom” accidentally, working with so many amazing mother colleagues, and having my own mother attend the breakfast! Time to start thinking about the 55th Annual Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast in 2025!🥞🍁👩‍👧💕 -Ms.Etten
7 days ago, Ms. Etten
Talk about craftsmanship! 🛠️ MGCS fifth-graders, in collaboration with Athens High School shop teacher Mr. Steinke, poured their hearts and skills into crafting Leopold benches for their legacy project. Now, these cozy corners around our school grounds hold memories and moments cherished by students past, present, and future.
9 days ago, Emily Szutkowski
Students sit in completed Leopold benches.
Students construct Leopold benches.
Students construct Leopold benches.
Students construct Leopold benches.
Students construct Leopold benches.
Students construct Leopold benches.
Students construct Leopold benches.
Students sit in Leopold benches.
  Students sit in Leopold benches.
Students sit in Leopold benches.
Third graders at Maple Grove Charter School wrapped up their third reading module of comparing the autobiography of Little House in the Big Woods with the biography of Bright With Silver. They learned many messages, lessons and morals from these texts such as: Hard work is rewarded, always follow your dreams, be thankful for having family support and be grateful for what you have. They wanted to thank the Maple Grove Foundation for providing them with the texts and to thank the Fromm family for persevering through those hardships for the benefit of the Hamburg community.
13 days ago, Jessica Barrick
Honoring the Fromm and Nieman family members.
Honoring the women for Mother’s Day.
Learning more and sharing our knowledge with Peter Fromm Wade.
Maple Grove's 4th grade Outdoor Labs students have had the opportunity to learn all about rabbits this school year. Mrs. Bunkelman and Mrs. Bloch came in and taught the students all about rabbits, and they have done their own research as well. The students learned so much that they decided that they really would like to have rabbits as school pets. Students created a presentation about rabbit habitats and how to feed and care for rabbits. They presented it to Mrs. Hanson in hopes that she will allow them to get the rabbits. Ms. Sandy taught the 4th graders about solar energy that could be used to power fans to keep the rabbits cool in hot weather and keep water bottles thawed in cold weather. In the meantime they will wait to see if Mrs. Hanson believes they are capable of caring for them! 🐰
14 days ago, Kerri Zamzow
Addition is always more enjoyable outdoors at MGCS- just ask our kindergarten foxes!
17 days ago, Sabrina Riehle
3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at MGCS were able to use their coding skills to maneuver Dash's movements!
20 days ago, Kaylin Byer
Maple Grove Charter School has a job opportunity available!
22 days ago, Kaylin Byer
Job Opportunity
2x the fun! It was double the fun on April 22nd when Maple Grove learners celebrated an Earth Day themed reading incentive! The activities included make your own dirt cups and wind chime kits! As we approach the last month of the school year, it would be so fulfilling to have a reading incentive in which all 105 learners met their goal! This last incentive was so close having 102 of 105 meet it. Keep up the reading 😊📚🐛🌎
23 days ago, Ms. Etten
Learners and school staff at Maple Grove were able to practice their stewardship skills last week! Students cleaned up the brush in the woods, raked leaves, cleaned windows, swept the blacktop, and freshen up our garden space. Thank you to our learners for all your hard work in keeping Maple Grove a beautiful place to learn and grow! 🌎 ❤️
24 days ago, Kaylin Byer
Families and staff members from Maple Grove Charter School joined the Ghidorzi Green and Clean crew to showcase their stewardship trait on Saturday. Thanks to those who help honor Earth Day everyday by keeping trash and recyclables off of the roadways.
26 days ago, Jessica Barrick
Showing stewardship by the Wausau West Industrial Park.
We danced our socks🧦 off at the Sock Hop at Maple Grove Charter School tonight! Thank you to our Student Council and our families for volunteering your time!
28 days ago, Mrs. Hanson
If you see this smiling face today, make sure to thank her for all that she does for Maple grove Charter School! Happy Administrative Assistance Day to one of the best, Ms. Byer!
29 days ago, Mrs. Hanson
The School District of Athens is looking for the following postions: Elementary Teacher - Athens Elementary School School Counselor - Athens High School Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Special Education Administrative Assistant - School District of Athens Payroll Specialist - School District of Athens Custodian & Maintenance Position - Maple Grove Charter School If you have an interest in applying for any of these position, please complete the application which can be located on the WECAN website:
about 1 month ago, School District of Athens
Third grade students at Maple Grove Charter School had quite a memorable field trip with the partnerships of the Fromm Brother's Historical Preservation and the Wisconsin Trapper's Association. Entailed were a competitive Bingo game of Fromm history, a 2 mile round trip walk, gained knowledge about ginseng, fox and mink farming, personal encounters with historical elements like corded telephones, drinking fountains and score your own bowling. They also simulated a distemper game that shows the importance of vaccinations. After all of that, students learned about the ethics, safety, supplies and benefits of trapping furbearers. You couldn’t of asked for a better extension of the text Bright With Silver.
about 1 month ago, Jessica Barrick
Serious-faced photography in front of the original Fromm homestead.
Eye to eye with one the selected breeding stock.
These gals desire silver pelts as well.
Our current fashion has some major differences.
Future alumni scholarship winner???
Oh so pretty!
Mr. Lee Sillars showing how to set a flat foot-hold set.
Demonstration on skinning and fleshing a muskrat.
Ms. Szutkowski's students are taking their learning into the wild, soaking up the sun (and knowledge) in our outdoor classroom. Amidst planning and writing essays, we were serendaded by the sweet melodies of birdsong and stopped intermittently to identify the calls and add them to our "birdwatch" list. 🐦‍⬛🍃
about 1 month ago, Emily Szutkowski
5th grade class smiles as they work on essays
Fifth grade class works on essays
5th grade girls work on essay planning
white board lists bird calls heard by 5th grade students
student practices his writing
student practices his writing while sitting on a rock
students practice their writing in the outdoor classroom
Ms. Etten’s first grade class at Maple Grove Charter School studies everything birds in the Spring! Everything from birds amazing bodies to caring for birds. Many of these expeditions take us outside filling the feeders, making feeders out of recycled materials, providing dog fur for birds to add to their nests, or looking at different feathers and bones. There are so many first time experiences and memories that come with this time of year at MGCS. When thinking of Spring and Easter, it was a perfect opportunity to make the learning applicable in a number of hands on activities! Learners achieved the ability to describe how egg shells absorb natural color as well as the anatomy of a hen egg following a dissection! Color variations were a result of different amounts of time as well as dye potency. Different jobs required someone to monitor the time, change the natural dyes, and make scientific conclusions. The dissection of the hen egg taught the different parts of the egg including the membrane, chalaza, albumen, yolk, and egg white. We are feeling educated and ready to start our incubating of this years baby chicks!🐥🐣
about 1 month ago, Ms. Etten