Looking forward to beginning the second semester classes at the high school.
over 4 years ago, Brenda Wilker
MAP testing begins next week. Good luck testers!
over 4 years ago, Terry Larsen
Teachers in training during inservice
over 4 years ago, Joy Redmann
Thrillshare training
Life is good at Athens High School.
over 4 years ago, Adam Triebold
There will not be any classes for the kindergarten and Pre-K classes on Feb. 7 & 8 due to Child Development Days.
over 4 years ago, Cindy Kruger
Athens Elementary School can look forward to Valentine's Day-FCCLA will be back with a sweet treat!
over 4 years ago, Mrs. N.
The kindergartners searched through the school to find their missing gingerbread man!
over 4 years ago, Carla Nowak
the gingerbread man escaped from the oven!
Exciting changes for all district staff to learn how to use social media to show you our cool curriculum items.
over 4 years ago, Rhonda Stange
Please call Athens Elementary School at 715-257-7571 to make an appointment for your child to be screened.
over 4 years ago, Beth Steinke
Developmental Day
Tonight's Wrestling Match Vs Phillips has been cancelled.
over 4 years ago, Nathan Brost
Tonight's Boys Basketball Game at Prentice has been cancelled.
over 4 years ago, Nathan Brost
Girls Middle School Basketball at Abbotsford has been cancelled for tonight.
over 4 years ago, Nathan Brost
Girls High School Basketball at Spencer has been cancelled for tonight.
over 4 years ago, Nathan Brost
Sam Cotter -UWSP Wausau leads Juniors in an ACT prep session during ACP today.
over 4 years ago, Dan Nowak
ACT Prep Session
The Wausau Elks Lodge is sponsoring a U.S. Constitution Contest for any senior students who are U.S. citizens. First place - $600.00, Second place - $400.00 and Third place - $200.00. The contest will be held on 2/27/19 at 4:00 PM at the Wausau Elks Lodge. www.wausauelks.com
over 4 years ago, Dan Nowak
Thank you former AHS students for returning to speak to our current seniors! It was a great conversation.
over 4 years ago, Dee Brewster
senior class
former AHS students speaking to senior class
Nominations for the Athens Distinguished Alumni Award will be accepted until January 31, 2019. Applications are available in the Athens HS office or by emailing priske@athens1.org. We are seeking nominations from a variety of age groups, careers, volunteerism, and any other contributions made. Thanks for making a nomination!
over 4 years ago, Nathan Brost
Seniors, Winter Break is a good time to work on some scholarships. To find all of the scholarships available to Athens Students check out the following link: http://athenswi.apptegy.us/o/athens/browse/39944
over 4 years ago, Nathan Brost
Check out all of our Christmas Concerts from this year on our YouTube Channel. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the School District of Athens. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAKH5sKa0GwABWKfdPDdauw?view_as=subscriber
almost 5 years ago, Nathan Brost