The School District of Athens recognizes that, in addition to the District’s schools, non-profit community organizations offer engaging and enriching programs, activities, and events to students. As a courtesy to non-profit community organizations, the District allows information/materials that meet the criteria outlined below to be shared with students and families through E-Flyers.

  • For families without internet access, flyers may be made available for individual schools. It is the organization’s responsibility to provide the copies. 

  • Flyers are posted within ten days of receipt, and a notification will be emailed to parents on the 1st of each month.

  • Organizations wishing to post an E-Flyer must submit their contact information and E-Flyer in PDF format to:

Criteria for E-Flyers

  • Requests must include the disclaimer: This is not a School District of Athens sponsored activity, and the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the school district or its personnel.

  • Requests must originate from a non-profit community organization and must display the name of the sponsoring organization.

  • Programs/activities/events serve PreK-12 school-age children.

  • Programs/activities/events do not violate laws, ordinances, or District policies and procedures.

  • Flyers do not contain advertising or promote a product or service that is generally open to the public as an income-generating or for-profit business activity, including those being offered at special rates or discounts to attract school-age customers/ consumers and their families (e.g., restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, etc.).

  • Programs/activities/events do not recruit School District of Athens students to attend a non-School District program/activity/event during regular school hours during the school year.

  • Flyers do not request information from students and families (e.g., surveys and questionnaires).

  • Flyers do not promote or oppose political candidates, memberships, or issues.

  • Flyers do not contain language that is obscene, lewd, vulgar, libelous or that is intimidating, demeaning, harassing, threatening on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.

  • The District will not be held liable for incorrect information appearing on flyers.

  • The District reserves the right to discontinue or retract flyers.